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Happy Birthday!

Just squeaking in under the wire to wish thismaz a splendiferous birthday! With cake.

Derby and Joan outing

Well, that was what the young person sitting behind me at The Jersey Boys said in scathing tones on Saturday evening. "The audience looks like a Derby and Joan outing". Apart from being staggered that she actually knew the expression, I wondered why Frankie Valli should mean more to her generation than it did to us who were, you know, kind of there when it happened! Although must admit that at the end of the show when the whole audience were on its combined feet, cheering and clapping and bopping (?) I was a little worried about heart attacks, broken hips, dislocated bits and pieces!

But it was a great show, only trouble being I had the worst summer cold ever and was trying desperately not to cough except in the very loud moments. I think I might have sprained something!

Next theatre outing is next week to see Martin Freeman in Richard III which has had a sort of mixed reaction. Apparently it's been cut "to get rid of the boring bits"! Now, although it's never been one of my favourites (I read Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time at an early age!) I've never considered any of it particularly boring. And I truly don't understand why directors have this passion for setting Richard III in another time. What's wrong with playing it as it was written? Although it is, of course, the most dreadful political assassination of a character ever written. Francis Urquhart/Frank Underwood would be proud! It is however, one of the plays where you can actually see Shakespeare the person, as opposed to William the saintly writer who can never do anything wrong. Spin doctor extraordinaire.

Oh and regarding House of Cards, if you are a fan, next Saturday they are showing the original on TV over here in England. Is it better than the American version - well, you might think that, but I couldn't possibly say!

In and Out

Meant to make a long post but time not on my side. But must say that have just booked to see Martin Freeman as Richard III. Think that could be interesting!

Otherwise, eyes making progress - still a few floaters and black spots but clearing gradually.

New boiler being fitted this week and then new flat roof on sunroom next week. New gas and electric meters fitted as part of the package - now proud owner of a Smart Meter with its useful little cousin which is a sort of mini tv screen which shows you exactly how much energy you are using and has all sorts of intriguing menus - such as comparing month by month, year by year, etc. Must admit it does inspire you to turn out all the lights that are on in rooms you aren't using!

Very little writing being done except in my head!

Be back soon. Hope everyone well.

Oh and watching the American version of House of Cards. Anyone out there loving it as much as me! So thrilled they kept the Francis Underwood name otherwise the cufflink joke wouldn't have worked!

Happy Birthday!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to kathyh Hope to see you at Writercon UK this year!!

Alive or Dead Chp 6

Title: Alive or Dead
Author: lilachigh

Story so far: Buffy and Spike have acquired the possessions of a Fable Demon, resulting in a trip up a beanstalk and an encounter with a genie who granted Spike one wish. Now Buffy has told the Scoobies that she has decided to live with Spike. Can this be a coincidence?

Alive or Dead

Chapter Six: Almost Certain

Spike sprawled lazily back on a heap of pillows and watched the Slayer prowl round the crypt’s lower chamber, pulling on her clothes as she went. A smile twitched at his mouth as he recalled the last few hours and he stretched, listening to his muscles creak, wondering if there were certain parts of his anatomy that would ever be the same again.

Buffy had hurtled through the crypt door and flung herself at him in a flurry of lips, hands, arms and legs that had taken all his power to combat. Somehow they’d slid down the ladder to the bed, which made a nice change and he wasn’t complaining about the sex, of course he wasn’t, but..... how weird was it that she was here and, for once, not rushing out of the door, looking both satisfied and ashamed at the same time?

“What are you hunting for, Slayer?”

“Somewhere to put my clothes.”

“You’re wearing them. Not a good idea, by the way, because...”

“The clothes in my suitcase! Why don’t you have proper closets down here, Spike? Not just these silly hooks on the wall.”

“A suitcase!”

Spike gulped, realising his voice sounded a bit like that old lady from The Importance of Being Ernest.

“There’s only one. I left it upstairs. I’ll have to go and get the rest tomorrow, but I need somewhere to put things now.”
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Richard II

I came very late to Richard II - I mean in the first ever reading of the play. I think that was because our English teacher, who loved Shakespeare, found it far easier to teach Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Merchant, etc. to young teenage girls. We dallied briefly with the Henrys and looking back, I realise that she probably thought there was no way she could tackle Richard II without going into an explanation of the sexual side to the plot! And believe me, 56 years ago, that wouldn't have happened!

Why I thought of this was that a remark was made by the director, saying that so many young girls came to Stratford to see the play, because of DT, and for many of them this was their first Shakespeare. I'm sure today's teenagers would have no problem with the sex!

But I love the play now and have just bought myself the David Tennant version. What is so nice is that after the play, you get the play again but this time with the sound muted a little overlaid with the remarks of the director all the way through, telling you his ideas, views and comments on the actors, the set, music, etc. Great stuff. Then an interview with DT, and lots of other goodies.

Look at me!


I'm pink, I'm pink and you're all boring old white!


A Good Evening

Got bored watching the football - there's going to be so much of it in the next few weeks - so spent the rest of the night with David Tennant as Richard II. Glorious!

Alive or Dead!

Another chapter relating Buffy and Spike's adventures with the Fable Demon. The genie has granted Spike one wish, but Buffy has no idea what the vampire has requested! Oh dear!

Alive or Dead

Chp.5 Is it a Spell?

Dawn Summers came hurtling down the stairs, late for school as usual, wondering if she would have time to even pour herself a bowl of cereal, let alone eat it. Tara, who usually cooked her pancakes or waffles, was away at some wiccan event and not due back until that evening. For the past three days, breakfast had been either Buffy’s attempt at pancakes - usually burnt - or left-overs from whatever they’d had for supper the night before.

She’d stopped expecting her sister to take her mom’s place. Buffy was the Slayer and soooo busy that nourishing meals didn’t often happen. And she was out such a lot at the moment, patrolling, checking that Spike was not up to some dreadful evil, getting herself back into the swing of things after the being all dead. What was hard to accept, though, was that Buffy never seemed happy. Oh, she said she was, even though she’d been brought back from heaven by Willow.

But after she’d rescued Dawn from Sweet, the Dancing Demon, she’d seemed even more uptight and cranky. She came back from patrolling looking hot and sweaty with the oddest bruises on her arms and legs. Dawn had carefully pushed to the back of her mind that when she’d accidentally caught sight of her sister in the shower last week, she’d had what looked like a bite on the soft rise of her breast.

So she was used to Buffy being silent in the morning as she fought the toaster and put together Dawn’s lunch. But this morning was different - Buffy was singing under her breath, a catchy, happy tune and when she turned to greet her sister, she was smiling, eyes sparkling. “Morning, Dawnie. Isn’t it a lovely morning?”


“I made you eggs and pancakes with funny faces.”

“Buffy, I’m fifteen. I so do not need funny face pancakes, but, hey, thank you.”

“No problem. Quick, sit and eat before they get cold.”

Dawn glanced at the clock, but being late for school was way down her list of priorities now. She was tempted to say, “Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” but this was Buffy, a happy, cheerful, glad-to-be-alive, Buffy. It was weird and unsettling.
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Writer Con UK

Just booked my room for Writercon UK this September!!! Whooo!!! Are you coming? No? Why not. Check us out. It's a great two days meeting in Coventry, quite small so you feel loved and needed and there are Goodie Bags!!!



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